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17 May 2011 @ 06:40 pm
Chapter One: The Meeting  
  It was 8 o’clock am classes started for the normal students but for F4 it was a natural lazy time. The old lounge was still there at the cafeteria due to Jin’s request because to him, those memories made there aren’t meant to be thrown. Chilling on the couch waiting for something new to happen, Jin sighs. “I wonder if something interesting will happen today…” the three nodded and replied in chorus, “Me too.”

The bell rings signaling the end of the first two subjects of the morning, students started going inside the cafeteria to take their seats and eat their recess. Tego stands up and looks at the students entering, eyeing them one-by-one.

“Nothing interesting at all…” he says at first. Though when a couple of new-faced students entered the cafeteria he started getting a little of interest.

“Hey Ken, I think this is your type. She has loads of books from the…the…What do you call that place again?” Tego scratched the back of his head and turned to Ken who was walking to him.

“It’s the Library, Tego.” He said calmly before looking at the two girls.

“Yeah, this is interesting. Jin, want to see?” Jin stood up from his place and went to the ledge with the other two.

“They seem nice. Want to go down and talk to them? ” Jin asked but they didn’t answer and continued to watch.

Meanwhile at the down part of the cafeteria, Kat got some of Den’s books that she borrowed form the Library and setting them down on the nearest table before sitting on the chair. “

There. At least no one will bump to you. Isn’t it easier and lighter?” Den sat down and placed the books down as well.

“Yeah, yeah. You’re right, I was wrong.” Den said while Kat gave an eye smile to her sister.

“Don’t you want to grab some recess? I’ll just be here…reading.” Den said and grabbed one book from the stack of books.

“No thanks, I’ll wait for you.” She said while looking around the cafeteria.

“Nii-chan, have you ever wondered where those---” she looked up following the staircase and seeing the 3 men looking at her. She quickly looked at her sister and whispered, “Nii-chan…someone’s staring at us.” Den simply nodded and continued to read.

“Should we go down and talk to them?” Tego asked again, smiling mischievously. Jin went down without a word and headed his way to the table. Soon Tego followed leaving Ken and Nino upstairs. Though Ken wanted to go down too and so he turned to Nino before going down.

“Hey, we’re going down. Stop that first will you?” Nino looked at him and sighed putting his DS to the side and following the others. Jin stopped in front of the two and quietly waited for a response. Kat quickly grabbed her phone from her pocket and started playing games while she kicked Den’s foot under the table earning a revenge kick before Den finally set the book down and looked at him.

“Hi I’m Ji---”, Jin was stopped when Tego and the others butted in. “I’m Tego. Nice to meet you in this fine day. Would you like to go out?” Den looked at him in a weird way or more on a grossed way.

“No thanks you perv.” She replied in full English making Ken nod in approval and also earning a laugh from Jin.

“Wow, you’re good. I’m Jin by the way.” He replied in perfect English too. This time it was Den who nodded.

“What do you need except for the fact that you want to go out and stuff? We’re quite busy.” She replied back with her native tongue.

“We kind of thought that you were new and well, we want to show you around or something since we’re part of the student government. I’m Hanazawa Ken by the way, and you are?”

“I’m Kamenashi Den and this is my sister, Kat.” She said while pointing to the younger sibling.

“You like games to huh?” Tego said pushing Nino to her lightly. Nino glared at him and moved back a bit.

“Don’t go near her.” Den said with a tone.

“And sorry, we have to turn down, we can manage to go around Eitoku since our old school has a familiar setting as well.” Kat nodded and closed her phone putting it back in her pocket.

“Oh well, okay then. If you need us, we’re just up there.” Jin pointed to his back and smiled sweetly which Den replied back with a smile too. Jin dragged Tego and went up again while Ken and Nino awkwardly smiled at them before they left the two.

As soon as the four left Kat looked at Den and vice versa. “What?” Den said and Kat just shook her head. “We should go now, recess would end soon. Don’t want to get late for the first time.” Kat stood up from her chair and got the books she held for Den earlier as they went in. Den followed a second later and got the other books that were left and headed out of the cafeteria and to their rooms.

“Dude, you’re insane! I would never approach anyone anymore.” Jin said and sat beside the small fireplace and got his guitar and started to pluck random strings.

“What? You were pathetic anyway.” Tego replied lying down on the couch. And soon enough the bell rang and the students stormed out of the cafeteria.