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12 June 2011 @ 02:26 am

F4: The New Generation clip. 
17 May 2011 @ 06:37 pm
The four slots of the recently graduated F4 have been passed down to their first cousins.

Domyouji Jin: The leader of the new group needs to improve on how he handles things. Unlike his cousin, Tsukasa, he acts like he’s stupid but the real thing is, he’s not. He loves kids and also very helpful.

Hanazawa Ken: The sub-leader when Jin’s not around and the one who handles most of the things that are happening seriously like his cousin. Though he’s known to be loud at first but he can also manage to tone down once in a while.

Nishikado Nino: The gamer. Not like Sojiroh, he’s a gamer regarding games. He can play 24/7, all the games in one sitting. He’s quiet and a very loving person once you get to know him. And unlike Sojiroh, he’s not into drinking and playing with young girls’ heart.

Mimasaka Tego: Tego is basically like Akira though a little more younger. He’s known to be the ‘Ero Prince’ around the school with his foolish, selfish and flirty character.

But unlike the past F4 who ruled Eitoku University for 4 years, these four would like to change people’s perspective about them and start a new and better school life.
01 January 2036 @ 09:13 am
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